Ask Me: How To Be A Boss With MS

Those of us with chronic illnesses like multiple sclerosis become experts by experience, and as an MS blogger I regularly get asked about all kinds of things from what books to read to where to get an Optimus Prime. I’ve learned at least as many helpful things from others with MS as I have from doctors or nurses (okay, probably definitely more), so I do my best to answer every question that comes my way. 

This is your chance to ask me anything. Big or small, silly or serious; nothing’s off limits. Regular readers already know I’m a big-mouthed, over-sharer, so don’t hold back. Post your questions in the comments below or on the FB page. If you want to submit anonymously, send me a message. Questions will be answered in an upcoming blog post. 

WARNING: Blogger about to make shit up.

So, what do you wanna know? 

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