Ardra Shephard brings her confessional/informational blog Tripping On Air to the podcast airways where she spills the tea on what it’s really like to live with MS. Joining Ardra is co-host Alex Hajjar, an MS expert by marriage. Tune in monthly as Ardra and Alex explore the dynamics between patients and partners, share chronic-illness life-hacks, and dish about everything from symptoms to stigma. Tripping On Air invites the cool kids of chronic illness to hang out, have a laugh, learn some tips, and above all, feel seen.

Episode 10
The Truth About MS And Mortality
Episode 9
Top Ten Myths About MS
Episode 8
Mobility Aids 101
Episode 7
Travel Tips For Trippers
Episode 6
No Resolutions: The New Year With Zach Anner
Episode 5
2022 Holiday Gift Guide For People With MS
Episode 4
Parenting and MS: Saying No To Stigma And Ableist Attitudes
Episode 3
Dating With Progressive MS
episode 2
The Stress Of Disability Insurance Claims
Episode 1
The Worst Symptom of MS