My trip through life with MS


Fashion Dis is a makeover show that isn’t about fixing people. It’s not a show with a sad soundtrack that seeks to make you feel sorry for someone else’s circumstances. I knew from my own experience that I didn’t want the Fashion Dis makeover participants to feel like they had to educate viewers about their bodies.

AMI Podcast

Ardra Shephard brings her confessional/informational blog Tripping On Air to the podcast airways where she spills the tea on what it’s really like to live with MS. Joining Ardra is co-host Alex Hajjar, an MS expert by marriage. Tune in monthly as Ardra and Alex explore the dynamics between patients and partners, share chronic-illness life-hacks, and dish about everything from symptoms to stigma. Tripping On Air invites the cool kids of chronic illness to hang out, have a laugh, learn some tips, and above all, feel seen.


From MIA to TMI: I’m Back Spilling MS tea (and everything else for that matter)

September is for pumpkin spice and getting my sh*t together, which means skipping the pumpkin spice and finding my way back to physio.
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MS And The Fear Of Losing Independence

Branding independence as a virtue is a myth that hurts us all.
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Mobility Aids 101: How To Cope, What To Get

Welcome to March, Trippers. It’s MS Awareness Month (at least in the US, so basically, everywhere), and I have mixed feelings. I’m all for advocacy,
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