My trip through life with MS

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Ardra Shephard brings her confessional/informational blog Tripping On Air to the podcast airways where she spills the tea on what it’s really like to live with MS. Joining Ardra is co-host Alex Hajjar, an MS expert by marriage. Tune in monthly as Ardra and Alex explore the dynamics between patients and partners, share chronic-illness life-hacks, and dish about everything from symptoms to stigma. Tripping On Air invites the cool kids of chronic illness to hang out, have a laugh, learn some tips, and above all, feel seen.


a woman who hasn't left the house for days, resting on a pillow after canceling plans

Shout Out To Everyone Who Didn’t Go Outside Today.

Shout out to everyone who didn’t go outside today. Or yesterday. Or tomorrow. While I’m at home asking ChatGPT to clarify whether I’m a hermit
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2023 Tripping On Air Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaways

2023 Tripping On Air Holiday Gift Guide is here and it's loaded with giveaways, because the right present can make MS suck a little less.
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The Pros And Cons of Coming Out With MS

Are you open about your MS or MS your sick little secret? We're talking about the pros and cons of coming out with MS.
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