About me

I’m a city girl living in Toronto. I love books, wine, galleries and gossip. I believe in always having an up-to-date passport and in doing the thing you always said you would.

My name is Ardra and I have MS.

Ardra Shephard is a sought-after writer, consultant, and speaker, whose award-winning blog Tripping On Air has an international reach and reputation. Ardra is the creator and host of AMI-tv's new lifestyle series Fashion Dis. Ardra's personal essays and non-fiction work have appeared in FASHION magazine, InStyle, WebMD and others. Ardra has a regular column with Healthline (Ask Ardra Anything), and a powerful social media presence. Yahoo Lifestyle reported that "@ms_trippingonair is the number one chronic illness account to follow on Instagram."

Ardra is a leader in the MS community, who is on a mission to change minds about what it means to live with a disability, and to empower those with chronic illness to stake their place in the world.