New Podcast, Episode One: The Worst MS Symptom

After seven years and more than 100 oversharing MS essays, Tripping On Air is expanding to the podcast space.

omg, someone gave me a microphone!

I can’t wait to connect with MS experts, to dig into the topics that are important to you, to share MS tips and tricks, MS research and treatments, and of course, to give you the scoop on all the best products and shopportunities that come with an MS diagnosis. #retailTherapy


It takes a team to hashtag LYBL with MS. I wanted to bring in a co-host with inner circle MS experience. Joining me, and weighing in from the partner perspective is Alex Hajjar, an MS expert by marriage.

Alex’s hobbies include anxiety, punk rock, and hanging out with his cat Nacho.

Alex’s wife Nicole has graciously given Alex her blessing to publicly talk shit about his experience of her MS. I don’t know if Nicole would describe Alex as an MS expert, but that’s kinda the point. We’re all figuring MS out together, and whether you’re in a romantic partnership or not, we all have relationships that are impacted by MS. Alex gives voice to the people in our lives who want to know how to support us, while helping Trippers figure out how we, in turn, can support our loved ones.

Where Can I Listen To The Podcast?

The Tripping On Air podcast is produced by AMI-tv and is fully freaking accessible. You can find it wherever you get your ’casts.

Am I saying that right? ’Casts? This is all so new to me!

Episode One: The Worst MS Symptom

MS affects everyone differently, but I believe that the very worst symptom of MS is one that most Trippers have in common. Though MS isn’t contagious, the worst symptom impacts everyone in the house. Join us as we dish about the fear that comes with living with MS, or of loving someone who does. I can’t wait to connect with you!

What are your favorite MS podcasts? What topics do you want to hear about? What kind of guests would you like to see? Drop a note in the comments!

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29 thoughts on “New Podcast, Episode One: The Worst MS Symptom

  1. At what point do the risks of the medication outweigh the benefits? I’m 70 and my MRI hasn’t changed in 10 years so my neurologist thinks it’s time to go off tech for Dara.

  2. Well done!! This was fantastic, you were born to do this!
    Alex was great, looking forward to see what other guests you bring on with you.
    About other topics, maybe something about exercise and how good it is for us to do. When I was diagnosed in 1993 they told me not to exercise. Now I lift weights, ride my trike, swim.
    I do something every day, and I feel the best I felt in over 29 years

  3. Fear is certainly a Big one. I am in a nursing home and I only have the use of one arm. I sit at supper with the lady a bit older than me, I am 60, she cannot use any limb! We are both so fearful of not being able to speak.

  4. Very well done podcast. Very relatable. Thank you for sharing your experiences – good and not so good. Ardra – We had the same experience with the support group 15+ years ago.
    I do not feel helping my spouse is a burden. Please ask or tell me how I can help, any day, any time

  5. Darlene Newberg

    This was a great podcast! However, if you really want to talk about fear,try this….my husband, caregiver, the one who helped me with everything, passed away 3 years ago. I am now alone, learning to re live. Talk about fear!

  6. Listening to this podcast with my husband may spark “some discussion”. Despite differences in ages, there are similarities.

  7. Maryann Wagner

    BRAVO! Just listened to your first podcast and loved it. I’ve been dealing with this shitty disease for 34+ years and appreciated the honest discussion. Don’t know how I’d feel if I was a newbie.
    I completely understand how difficult it must have been for you at your first MS support group back in the day. I was grateful when I first looked into them w the MS society….they differentiated support groups for ppl with visible symptoms vs. ppl without. Smart. I ended up getting together with other MS’ers by joining an MS Yoga group. All these years later, some of us continue to chat monthly. Very important.
    Thanks Ardra. This tripper will def continue to listen to you!

  8. Hi Dearie,
    about f—ing time we hear what you sound like! If the pod cast(s) are half as funny as your blog I’ll be peeing my pants. Again. Seriously, I have enjoyed your blog so much and you always manage to lift my spirits despite of my MS.
    Love, Lena

  9. Excellent first podcast! You and Alex knocked it put of the park!
    Fear is huge and comes, goes, and changed with this disease. I’m fortunate to have a pretty chill husband, but, he too had fears he doesn’t discuss. Travel is one of my fears… it is becoming more challenging (where are the bathrooms! Etc.)
    Cheers and congratulations on this podcast. I will definitely be checking back often! ?????

  10. Maria Fallon Romo

    You are a multiple sclerosis advocate/rockstar in so many ways & now you’re a podcaster as well! Kudos to you, tripper!!!

  11. What you do is truly awesome. I have MS but a pretty light version of it so far. I know it’s waiting for me just around the corner, but it can go to hell for now as far as I am concerned. ?

  12. Thank you so much! On point! ???
    Would you please share the link for the rollator that turns into a wheelchair?
    I’d love to test a speed round too. ?

    1. The rollator is by Rollz Motion, and it’s the bomb. There are some reviews on this site and discount details here:
      Lemme know if you have any Qs!


        I have thought of purchasing but realized there is no place to “put stuff” like phone, kleenex, exercise band……all the stuff I carry with me in my home walker. How do you work with that?

        1. Hi Lisa,

          Thanks for reaching out and I look forward to reading your content on Bezzy!

          byAcre makes an indoor rollator that they call ‘the Scandinavian butler’ to help you cart your stuff. Otherwise I would suggest a lightweight cross-body bag. Personally, I use a cane indoors, which frees up one hand for carrying stuff, but I’m sure how long this will be sustainable for me.

  13. Great work guys
    This is really helpful to listen to. Keep these podcasts expanding there’s is so much to explore, every journey is different and there are many approaches as to how to deal with the journey. Great work.

  14. Thank you for being so honest about the worst symptom. You are absolutely spot on with FEAR because this disease is so unpredictable. One day is going so well and the next you can barely lift your legs because of fatigue, or wherever the disease decides to attack that particular day. So thank you and good luck. I am subscribing and looking forward to more of your everyday life tips and trips for dealing with this dreadful disease.

  15. Well done podcast Ardra! Love the Podcast version from an MS’r that struggles with reading because of my eye issues. Love hearing these common issues with our spouses and how to look out for them. My husband is an overachiever and I’m short tempered with my personal struggles


    Hi Arda! So glad you are doing this podcast! I was diagnosed in 1998 and have done lots of speaking, writing about MS over the years. I have just been asked to write for Bezzy. I am a Marriage and Family therapist in private practice for the last 16 years and so grateful MS has not messed with my brain. I often say “my crazy is my own, not because of MS”- although this disease will, no doubt, make you crazy. I am friends with Jenny and happy to offer you any support as a therapist with MS as you begin this podcast journey. Fear, unless a “gun to your head” only exists in the future. Present moment living, to the second, will get us out of “what if” – the recipe for fear. Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and let you know I think this is great. Here’s to trippin’.

  17. Hi Ardra! I am glad to finally hear you after having read you for so many years! Tu as un talent naturel pour la radio, ça ne fait aucun doute 🙂
    Amongst the topics I would like to hear about are the smouldering MS (cf Doc Giovannoni), the crucial importance of physical activity, the impact of obesity on MS, side effects of all DMT, statistics (why more female than male, why northern hemisphere, etc.), besides the neuro, what other health specialists should we have in our team?, heredity factor. And well, I wish I could hear you do one episode en français. This would be lovely, I’m sure.
    All the best!

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