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a woman who hasn't left the house for days, resting on a pillow after canceling plans

Shout Out To Everyone Who Didn’t Go Outside Today.

Shout out to everyone who didn’t go outside today. Or yesterday. Or tomorrow. While I’m at home asking ChatGPT to clarify whether I’m a hermit
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The Best & Worst With MS: 2022 Year-End Recap

A year-end listicle of the best and worst of my life with MS.
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The Truth About How People With MS Feel About Selma

If Selma Blair's MS doesn't look anything like yours, it can feel like you don't have representation at all.
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Why Is Selma Blair So Important Right Now?

Quick. Name three famous style icons with visible disabilities.    Stumped? Me too. Is it because there are no trend-setting celebs with disabilities? Is it
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The Extra Pressure On Celebrities With MS

Yesterday actress Jamie Lynn Sigler told the world she’s been living with multiple sclerosis for the past 15 years. The reaction from Trippers everywhere has been
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