Category: Covid-19 and MS

Managing Re-Entry Anxiety When You Have MS

Pandemic re-entry anxiety is real and for many with MS, concerns about a return to normal are well, pretty normal.
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Anxiety, Tears, Tequila: Welcome To Quarantine Fatigue

How can I rationalize wishing away time when this is the time that I'm still walking?
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How To Manage Fear Of Worst-Case Scenarios

A lot of worst-case scenarios are being cooked up as we try to fill in the blanks about what comes next.
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How To Make The Best Out Of Social Isolation: MS Edition

MS has put me ahead of the curve when it comes to hacking life from a distance.
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Why I’m Not Freaking Out About The Apocalypse

Before you clutch your pearls at my extreme risk-taking, hear me out.
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