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Parenting And MS: From Stigma To Super Powers

Parenting with MS means extra considerations, but people with MS can be great parents. We talk to Rebekah Taussig about disabled parenting.
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What You Need To Know: Dating & Progressive MS

What it's like to re-enter the dating world with Progressive MS.
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How To Quit Feeling Like MS Makes You A Burden

Having MS can make you feel like a burden but there are important reasons to embrace help and interdependence.
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How To Find MS Friends With (Health) Benefits

Being able to say "I see you. I know you're not drunk; but if you wanna be, I'm here for that too", can be a
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So, What Do My Parents Really Think About MS?

What's the hardest part about loving someone with MS?
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How To Hack Your Sex-Life When MS Messes With Your Mojo

Afterglow only lasts until I try to bend my knees. Or stand up. Or make it to the bathroom before a UTI sets in.
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The Pain And Anger Of Being Excluded For Having MS

I could list the ways I’ve been left out, treated differently, or whatever gentle words you wanna use to describe being dissed and discriminated against
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Sorry. Dating Me Doesn’t Make You A Good Person

Some seem to think only a hero would date someone with MS–someone like me. Dating is hard. Dating with MS is harder.
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14 Valentine’s Day questions about true love and MS

14 Valentine’s Day Questions About True Love And MS Love it or hate it, it’s Valentine’s Day, and if you’ve got love in your life,
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