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MS And The Fear Of Losing Independence

Branding independence as a virtue is a myth that hurts us all.
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The Truth About How People With MS Feel About Selma

If Selma Blair's MS doesn't look anything like yours, it can feel like you don't have representation at all.
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Why I Really Hate The C-Word: Caregiver

When it comes to MS, certain words are harder to hear than others. If the word caregiver makes you itchy, this post is for you.
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That Feeling When You Get Bad News About Your MRI

Shouldn't have picked up the phone.
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What You Need To Know About Toxic Targeting And MS

Toxic targeting over-simplifies what is means to have MS, and how best to manage it.
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How To Be Proud Of What’s Broken This Disability Pride

How can I be proud of the thing I hate most?
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Is Disability Virtue Signalling Really A Problem?

Virtue signalling is basically showing off, and nobody likes a show-off, Kanye.
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Sorry. Dating Me Doesn’t Make You A Good Person

Some seem to think only a hero would date someone with MS–someone like me. Dating is hard. Dating with MS is harder.
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a portion of a rollator walker next to a pair of legs

Will I Ever Stop Freaking Out About MS Progression?

I feel like I'm selling myself some Pollyanna bullshit. It's still better than spiralling into despair.
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