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a woman who hasn't left the house for days, resting on a pillow after canceling plans

Shout Out To Everyone Who Didn’t Go Outside Today.

Shout out to everyone who didn’t go outside today. Or yesterday. Or tomorrow. While I’m at home asking ChatGPT to clarify whether I’m a hermit
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Do You Need To Lawyer Up? MS And Disability Insurance

How to navigate your disability insurance claims with your sense of self and your sanity intact.
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Feeling MS’y: Trapped In A Bad Multiple Sclerosis Day

  Get me the hell out of here.   I feel MS’y; which is to say, I feel lousy, useless, beat. Like I’ve been mother-fucking
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Why Is MS Fatigue So Hard To Believe?

Fatigue might not be the first F-word that comes to mind when you think about MS, but it's probably the second.
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