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Do You Need To Lawyer Up? MS And Disability Insurance

How to navigate your disability insurance claims with your sense of self and your sanity intact.
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New Podcast, Episode One: The Worst MS Symptom

Tripping On Air is expanding to the podcast space. Episode One is available now and it's all about the worst symptom of MS.
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Why I Really Hate The C-Word: Caregiver

When it comes to MS, certain words are harder to hear than others. If the word caregiver makes you itchy, this post is for you.
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Medical Assistance In Dying And MS

Highly effective treatments are dramatically improving outcomes for people with MS, but MS still has the potential to be devastating for some.
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14 Gifts for people with MS

Gifts For People With MS: 2021 Ultimate Gift Guide

It's that time of year when the answer to "I wish there was something I could do," is "Great! Here's a list!"
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PoNS review: good & bad news for a new MS treatment

Spilling the tea on my experience using PoNS to improve my progressive MS.
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Can MS Make You Sick To Your Stomach?

MS can cause gastrointestinal symptoms at every stage of the digestive process.
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Can PoNS Treatment Make My MS Any Better?

Can the PoNS device improve my walking with neuroplasticity?
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Managing Re-Entry Anxiety When You Have MS

Pandemic re-entry anxiety is real and for many with MS, concerns about a return to normal are well, pretty normal.
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