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2023 Tripping On Air Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaways

2023 Tripping On Air Holiday Gift Guide is here and it's loaded with giveaways, because the right present can make MS suck a little less.
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Mobility Aids 101: How To Cope, What To Get

Welcome to March, Trippers. It’s MS Awareness Month (at least in the US, so basically, everywhere), and I have mixed feelings. I’m all for advocacy,
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2022 Best Giveaways & Gifts For People With MS

Enter by December 1st for some amazing giveaways!
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Ready For A Rollator? Is Rollz or byAcre better for you?

A cool rollator can help you cope with the fact that you need one in the first place.
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How To Find The Most Bad-Ass Mobility Aids

Cool mobility aids You know the drill. This isn’t medical advice. Talk to your doctor, your mother, your psychic, your dog. I’m just a blogger
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Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy Ugly Mobility Aids

    I never thought I could get excited about a mobility aid. Obvi. I love shopping, but of all the packages I’ve welcomed into
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a portion of a rollator walker next to a pair of legs

Will I Ever Stop Freaking Out About MS Progression?

I feel like I'm selling myself some Pollyanna bullshit. It's still better than spiralling into despair.
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