Ready For A Rollator? Is Rollz or byAcre better for you?

Ardra looks cool in an oversized blue and white blazer and jeans, sitting in her ice-blue convertible transport chair by Rollz. Next to this image is a second pic of Ardra in the same outfit, standing with her oyster coloured, sleek rollator from byAcre. Ready for a rollator? Is Rollz or byAcre better for you? Check out this review and find deep discount codes.
A cool rollator can help you feel better about the shitty fact that you need one.
photos by Alkan Emin

*This post has been updated since it was first published, to include information about the exciting new Rollz Performance. Scroll for discounts on Rollz rollators and byAcre rollators.

Cool rollator? What?

As a rollator fangirl hell-bent on flooding social media with proof that disability doesn’t have to mean devoid of style, I’m often asked about my, dare I say it? Cool rollators by Rollz and byAcre. Both are brands I fell in love with, and now have partnerships with (scroll to the end for sick discounts); but more than that, I’m tackling this topic because there aren’t always (ever?) systems in place to help those of us with progressive MS navigate the transition from independent pedestrian to someone who could use a little support to stay upright.

Like wtf, how are we supposed to figure this out on our own? 

From canes and sticks, to trekking poles and forearm crutches, walking bikes, miniature horses, bumper cars, donkeys, dolphins, and piggy-back rides, this is not a comprehensive post about all your mobility aid options. I’m focusing on the Rollz Motion and ByAcre in response to a question I get asked all the time:

You can only have one rollator: Rollz or byAcre?

I love my Rollz and my byAcre equally because they address different needs, so this question feels like an impossible game of Would You Rather. Like, why don’t you just ask me to choose between coffee and cabernet? Miss Vickie’s and French fries? The Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics?

Ok, that last one was a trick Q. Obviously. The answer is Netflix in my pyjamas for 3 weeks, because watching other people exercise is hella boring. 

The good news is that depending on your lifestyle and needs, your choice between the Rollz and the byAcre (or a different mobility aid altogether) might be easier. Just as everyone’s MS is different, so are the tricks and tools we need to manage our disease, and just because this is how I roll, doesn’t mean either device is right for you. 

Who needs a cool rollator anyway? 

Rollators can be great options for people with MS because they help with things like balance, endurance, and fatigue. Rollators can help you go further, faster, and safer, and using one means you always have a place to sit. A cool rollator can help you feel better about the shitty fact that you need one in the first place.

Mobility aids aren’t cheap. 

I think of my mobility aids as part of our household transportation budget. I live in a city. My hood is like Sesame Street where the butcher, the cheese monger, and every employee at the liquor store know my name, so most days I don’t need to travel far. As a non-driver, when I consider the cost of my rollators plus the half dozen Ubers I take throughout the week, I feel good because I realize my transit needs are actually cheaper than even the most modest car. Then I go online and order a new sweater to reward myself for being so good at money. Of course, the car-free, city-life isn’t realistic for everyone, but the high cost of living with a chronic illness like MS is a post for another day (and like, a bottle of cheap vodka). Keep scrolling for discounts on the Rollz and the byAcre.

Which is the coolest rollator? Rollz or byAcre?

The Rollz Motion and the byAcre rollators have a lot in common. They’re both exceptionally designed, well-made, highly functional devices that come in a variety of colours to complement your personal style.

The main difference between the Rollz Motion and the byAcre is that the Rollz converts from a rollator to a transport chair, allowing you to walk as you are able, and then to get a push when fatigue and foot-drop kick-in. 

Ardra, a white woman with blonde hair, stands behind her Rollz in rollator mode. She's looking back over her shoulder and smiling. She looks cool in her leather jacket and her confidence with the Rollz Motion  only makes her look cooler.
Walk till you drop
Ardra sits in the Rollz motion in transport chair mode. She is wearing the same leather jacket and a black fedora. She has a black bag from FFORA on her lap.
Rest as required.

The byAcre is a straight-up cool rollator.

Ardra, a babe with a mobility aid, stands behind her oyster coloured rollator from byAcre. She is in a park, looking chill, holding a coffee, with one leg crossed casually over the other.

The Rollz Motion

The Rollz recognizes that part-time wheelchair users exist; and to be honest, this was news to me. The people in charge of telling us about MS spend a lot of time reassuring newly diagnosed patients that “most people with MS don’t end up in a wheelchair”. This is an infuriating statement that reinforces the (false) notion that wheelchair-use signals The End, and that fails to prepare anyone with the resources to manage disease progression if it happens. Again, a post for another day, another bottle.

It would have helped a lot if someone had explained to me that many wheelchair users are actually ambulatory.

This is the same image from the heading or Ardra sitting in her Rollz contemplating which rollator - the Rolla or byAcre she would recommend. They are both very cool.
Ambulatory wheelchair user: not a unicorn

If your lifestyle includes outings where you’d like to walk, but you tire easily and your day gets cut short, you may benefit from a device that lets you get a push when you run out of steam. Every step counts, and the more you move, the better. I use my Rollz when traveling and when I’m at home in the 6ix for all-day activities like an afternoon at the ROM, a stroll through the Distillery District, shopping on Queen West, or a trip to the new Eataly.

Rollator Update!

Introducing the new Rollz Performance

Recently I traded my Rollz Motion (Optimus Prime) for the new Rollz Performance; a device designed for all terrains. I know you’re thinking what does a city-girl like me need with an off-road rollator? Well, let me tell you, I’ve traveled all over Europe and rolling over cobblestones in Rome or Paris isn’t as romantic as it sounds when motion sickness means you need to stop for gravol and gingerale or avoid cobbled areas altogether.

Ardra sits in the Rollz Performance, a dark green, updated version of the Rollz Performance. She is on a trail in the woods and the ground is uneven. She is looking off into the distance, enjoying some time in nature.
Until now, this kind of terrain was off-limits for me.

Except for the fact that the new Rollz Performance is only available in jungle green, it looks pretty much the same as the original. The functional difference is that it has pneumatic tires, which is a fancy way to say ‘air-filled’ and air-filled means a smoother ride over kinds of uneven ground. I tested the new Rollz Performance on a bumpy but beautiful dirt trail that is embarrassingly close to where I live considering I’d never been in the ten years we’ve been here (because hello, inaccessible), and it was awesome. It was more comfortable for me in both rollator and transport chair mode, as well as for The Banker when he was pushing me.

I had been worried that the new model would be bigger and heavier, but in fact it’s a teeny, tiny, negligible amount lighter. It’s worth noting that if you travel with the Rollz Performance you will need to pack the air pump that’s included with your purchase.

Ardra stands with her Rollz Performance in rollator mode. She is enjoying being able to be comfortably off-road on difficult terrain.
Patent leather booties confirm this is not my natural habitat.

Cool rollator considerations:

The Rollz Motion is heavier than a standard rollator, due to the fact that it’s designed to be able to support your full weight when seated. Personally, I would find it difficult to balance and get this beast in the trunk of a car on my own. I’m never on my own when I’m using it anyway, because a transport chair is not a wheelchair. You will need someone else to use the Rollz in ‘push-me’ function.

It’s always a good idea to test out a mobility aid in real life, if possible, before purchasing. Bonus tip: If you’re in NYC, you can borrow a Rollz Motion at the Museum of Natural History while you learn about the great blue whale and the Big Bone Room. How great is that?


There are more options for straight-up rollators out there than there are for convertible transport chairs. I love the byAcre because it looks so good, like, what’s missing from this pic?

Ardra stands with her byAcre rollator. The oyster white rollator is sleek and stylish, just like Ardra who's wearing skinny jeans tucked into wine colored red leather boots and a chunky brown turtle-neck.
NO CABLES! Let the choir sing.

This is my every-day rollator. I use it in the city to go short distances; I take it to the opera and the gym, to the coffee shop around the corner, and from the car to the bar. When the weather is too gross to handle, I use it to roam the hallways of my building to get my steps in. Its convenient shape and size mean I’ve never met an Uber whose trunk it didn’t fit. The byAcre’s carbon fibre bones make it the lightest rollator in the world. I can pick it up with one hand (and I have trouble picking up a hair dryer with one hand).

Not pictured is the detachable back strap that comes with the byAcre, because you don’t want to tip backwards when you sit on it. I admit, I don’t use mine as much as I should. Mostly because I don’t want the strap to block my outfit. Pro tip: When I need to sit, I park my rollator up against a wall, so I can’t fall.

Cool rollator consideration:

Be sure to check the height and width levels before ordering. If you’re very tall, reach out to the company to see if this device is right for you. 

Stay cool, Trippers.

It took me a long time to adjust to the mobility-aid version of myself. But if a rollator, or any mobility aid will help you keep moving and participating in the world, I urge you to lean in. The thing that I needed to feel good about this disease milestone (let’s call it what it is), was representation. Consider tagging your snaps with #babeswithmobilityaids on social media. For added inspo, stream season one of Fashion Dis, the groundbreaking TV show hosted by moi. Your confidence (even if you’re faking it) WILL help someone still struggling to adjust to this new reality. 

It is up to this community to redefine mobility aids; what it means to be young and chronically ill. Mobility aids are not limiting and sad. They are empowering tools.

If you have specific questions about either of these cool rollators, feel free to contact me. Of course, it’s always great to post questions because someone else might be pondering the same thing. And if you love your mobility aid (Rollz, byAcre, or something else), feel free to brag about it in the comments. You never know who it might help.

Ardra stands on a rooftop patio with the Toronto city skyline behind her. It is dusk. She looks stylish in a pink and white mini-dress and her oyster-white byAcre rollator.

Go forth and rollate!

But wait!

Full disclosure: If you make a purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Rollz Motion and Performance discount code

Use code TRIPPINGONAIR to receive $125 off in the US Receive $50 off in New Zealand, Australia Receive 10% off in The Netherlands. For UK orders. For the best deal in Canada, click here.


byAcre now has Canadian distribution! Order here.

For all other countries order here and use code trippingonair10 for 10% off.

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48 thoughts on “Ready For A Rollator? Is Rollz or byAcre better for you?

  1. Dianne. Oster

    Thank you, thank you for this info! The part about doctor saying “most ms patients don’t end up in a wheelchair” was especially resonent for me. No you may not end up in a wheelchair all the time but definitely need help walking! If only someone had told me that sooner. I’ve had people tell me they admire me for using a rollator while out and about. Well duh!! If it keeps me from falling of course I’m gonna use it. I have a drive red rollator now which is really good but it would be even better if I had one that someone could push me in too. We have to discover these things through trial and error. You are helping us MSers live a normal life. Keep up the good work.

    1. We really do need to discover these things on our own. When I first bought my Rollz, the sales person had no idea how it worked and at first I walked away from it. I’ve heard of other Trippers having the same experience. Thank god we have this community where we can share our intel. Ultimately, we are the experts of our own disease.

    2. I have a drive nitro rollator and I took the back off so I can be pushed short distances. It’s not designed for that but it’s saved me several times

  2. Hi Ardra.
    I finally took delivery of my by Acre rollator. I think , hope, I can go further, faster with this over a cane.
    It is already proving to be more comfortable and less one sided than a cane. Since I’m on my own (no-one to push me!) So the Acre makes more sense right now.
    But if I do travel with anyone I am looking at Rolls mobility for later.
    And I would like to say thank you for being instrumental in getting both of these aids into Canada.
    You do rock you know!

  3. Hi Ardra.
    I finally took delivery of my by Acre rollator. I think , hope, I can go further, faster with this over a cane.
    It is already proving to be more comfortable and less one sided than a cane. Since I’m on my own (no-one to push me!) So the Acre makes more sense right now.
    But if I do travel with anyone I am looking at Rollz mobility for later.
    And I would like to say thank you for being instrumental in getting both of these aids into Canada.
    You do rock you know!

  4. I have a Let’s Fly rollator by Trust. I use it around the house mainly but also when I’m out & about with the car (hand controls) and need to walk short distances from the car. I love it and it has enabled me to walk much more upright than trekking poles, which I had before. It has also made me more inclined to walk, which is important. I was really reluctant to get a rollator because the ones I saw around me were all ugly ‘granny walkers’ and I am not a granny. You made me realise that there are design options out there and I have received so many compliments on mine since getting it. To anyone resisting the move to a rollator, I would say do it. It really does make all the difference.

      1. Hi Ardra. I just saw your reply to my last post today when I was reading your update on the rollz. The insta handle for the makers of the Let’s Fly rollator is and they are a swedish company. They do a selection of rollator for different uses.

  5. Another option.

    I’ve had mine for 1.5 weeks and I love it! I’ve spent the last 2 weekends standing (assisted of course) for an average of 2.5 straight hours per day at my daughter’s GS cookie booths. Most people didn’t even notice it, which isn’t what I was going for, but bonus! Never feel like I might fall even during a dizzy spell after PT last Friday.

    1. Thanks, Ardra, I first saw the by Acre rollator on your IG, and two days later, it was delivered to my door! I love, love, love it! The first time I tried it, my husband said it looks more like a fashion accessory than a mobility device…

  6. hi Ardra

    have you ever had the opportunity to try byAcre on small pavement tiles? generally on your photos the pavement is so smooth. (insert envy face). Here in Barcelona the rollator i am currently using vibrates a LOT, and my hightly sensitive hand suffers.

    I am on my own a lot of times, and a less heavy and bulcky rollator would be a dream, but i am worried about the vibration, and i have no possibility to try it before buying it.

    any comment?

    1. Hi Laia,

      I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble in Barcelona. I actually found Barcelona to be a much more accessible city than Toronto. I traveled with my Rollz to Spain, and never had a problem with vibrations, but that may be something you are especially sensitive. I really don’t know what to tell you, but would suggest you reach out to byAcre directly to see what their return policy is. Good luck, and keep us updated!

  7. Hi Ardra,
    did you post something on “cool wheelchairs” yet?
    I’ve got a regular wheelchair which is quite OK, but nothing spectacular. I know these things (real high-tech wonders) are very expensive, but maybe there is a way to somehow get it covered by health insurance. I live in Germany and do not know about the situation in Canada, though…
    Do you have any ideas?
    All the best, Bernadette

    1. Hi Bernadette,

      I haven’t posted about cool wheelchairs yet because I am not informed enough. Damsel in a Dress is a good resource to follow and may be more helpful than me.

      As for insurance, it’s different from country to country and even from one insurance company to another. I think you need advice specific to your situation, and would recommend reaching out to your MS Clinic or Society? I’m not sure how it works in Germany.

      If you do find a boss wheelchair, please report back! I’d love to hear about it.

      Good luck!


  8. Hi Ardra:
    Thank you for bringing these cool rollators to my attention.
    Is there a store in Toronto area to purchase the by Acre ? Are they funded by ADP?
    Thank you in advance,

    1. Hi Barb,

      There is no Toronto store, and I know it’s a leap of faith to buy something like this sight unseen. From what I’ve heard byAcre has a good return policy. Just pay attention to the sizing when your order.

      As for ADP, I think they look at each case, and it will depend how long ago you purchased your last device? I’m not sure. But good luck. It’s so gross how much we have to fight for these kinds of things.

      1. Hi
        I found a Canadian distributer for byACRE in Manitoba( rollator is on its way!!!! I am so excited.
        Thank you Ardra for “blogging” about rollators??

  9. Hi Andra,
    I am at the point of my MS progression where I need more than the cane I am currently using and am *trying* to come to grips with the reality of having to use a rollator. It’s a hard one to admit to for me, as much as I know it will help. I don’t know anyone around me that has MS and truly understands. My husband and family are very supportive, but ultimately this is about me. Thank you for bringing to light this difficult topic and making it not so scary. I will get there…

    1. Thanks so much for writing, Tara. This shit is hard, and there should be no pressure to fall in love with a mobility aid on day one. I wholeheartedly believe we have to grieve what we’re losing, before we can start to embrace the next chapter.

  10. Thank you for all the info. I’ve recently been diagnosed with MS and the physio therapist wrote a prescription for a walker. I think getting one of these would be the better buy to prepare for the future. How long is the coupon good for?

    1. This is an ongoing promotion. I’ll be sure to update if the promo is going to expire.

      Good luck with the adjustment to a mobility aid. I hope it opens up your world!

  11. Hi Audra, after much discussion and angsting (is that a word?) I’ve decided to purchase the byACRE rollator (my first mobility aid- so excited!) even though it isn’t supported by our provincial healthcare (only the classic and oh so unappealing walkers are).
    Your link sends me to the Denmark site. I’ve emailed them and checked a US site but could you advise as to the best way/best site to order one?
    Thanks so much for everything you do.
    A newly diagnosed fan,
    Janet Lavoie in Calgary

    1. Hi Janet,

      Thanks so much for reaching out and congrats on your decision to get a byAcre. I hope you will love yours as much as I love mine! The site to use is this one: an of course, make sure to use the trippingonair10 discount code. If you’re having any problems, please email me directly (you can find the info on the contact me tab).

      I don’t understand the ins and outs of what gets covered, but I hope this one will be covered at some point. It’s not just better looking, it’s more practical and functional too. I’m glad you could swing it. It’s an investment in your health. Keep moving! xa

  12. Hello there Audra.
    My friend referred me to your website (not sure where she would have ever found it but good for me) and I guess I have “trolled” you (teenage daughter talk) for the better part of two years.
    You have taught me that I can still be out there (who cares about the stares when everything looks cool) and get the tiniest bit of mobility back. You have helped me to pick my modes of transportation – yes one of each kind, just like you – not to be creepy. I am waiting for a response for the byAcre. I actually feel like I’m buying a car ?. It feels good to finally be here. I’ve had a great relationship with the floor lately and that need not happen with the sidewalk. It’s time. THANK YOU Ardra. You’ve been my angel this week.

    Di (Mississauga).

    1. Hi Di,

      Thanks so much for reaching out and for these kind words. It makes me so happy to think others can get excited about their mobility aids and I’m so grateful stylish options finally exist.

      For the best price and fastest shipping in Canada, reach out to Suzanne at Prairie Velo and tell her I sent you. Their service is great.

  13. Hi Audra,
    I’m looking to invest in a Rollz motion. I checked out the link in the original blog and tried to use the code TRIPPINGONAIR and it said invalid. Do you know if this would have expired? I also want to let you know that I’m a big fan of your open, honest, and hilarious narration of life with MS.

    1. Thanks so much Jesse

      The code is still valid. I will follow up with you by email and if anyone is reading this and also having trouble with the code, please reach out to me

      1. Hello. I have just tried code TRIPPINGONAIR on the link for Rollz USA (Triumph Mobility) and am also getting an invalid code for the Rollz Performance…..hope you can help! Thanks.

        1. Joan Marie Wilcox

          Hi, after much denial of my need for any mobility aid I love the look of the byAcre. Is there still a valid discount code if I am buying in Canada. Also I have very bad drop foot and the more tired I get the more limited my desire to go anywhere. Am I dreaming that this would be useful to me. I have children all over the world and I want to be able to travel to them. Anything that will help me move is a god-send!
          Thank you for your help.

  14. Have you by any chance tried the Carbon Overland with Pneumatic tires from ByAcre? I live in the mountains and go on lots of rocky, steep trails and can’t handle vibration or a heavy rollator.

    1. Yes, I have tried it. It is very lightweight. I can lift it with one hand. Sounds like the Overland would be a good fit for you. Rollz makes an all-terrain rollator/transport chair but it is much heavier (as it doubles as a transport chair).

  15. After reading your blog, I decided to buy a byAcre Carbon Overland rollator. I ordered it from Denmark and received it a year ago. I believe I was the first person in Canada to have one and I know I’ve never seen another here in Vancouver. I love it. The pneumatic tires are a complete joy and I’ve only had to add air to them once, just a few weeks ago. I take the rollator absolutely everywhere I go, including walking our dogs in the forest, on uneven terrain and on the beach. (Packed sand is wonderful, but it’s a bit of a slog going over the looser sand to get there.) Bumpy city streets and sidewalks feel smooth and my teeth don’t chatter going over them because of the air-filled tires. My rollator is the Bentley brown colour, but only the green is available from Prairie Velo.

    The Carbon Overland costs more than twice the price of the regular, medical-grade rollators. I think this is why my provincial health insurance didn’t cover it. But I decided to spring for it anyway because I wanted the improved movement from the pneumatic tires and also because the thing is beautiful. It gets a lot of attention from people wherever I go because it’s so sleek and well-designed. I recommend it to other people all the time.

    I’m hoping to go to Scotland next summer and I’m thinking about buying the Rollz Motion because Edinburgh is full of cobblestones and I do tire easily.

    1. Thanks so much for this feedback. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your byAcre!

      Edinburgh is indeed bumpy but beautiful. Please let me know if you need any help purchasing the Rollz, which also has a pneumatic tire option. Suzanne, at Prairie Velo can help you with this purchase. Ask her for the Tripping On Air discount to get the best price.

      I also recommend springing for the Rollz travel bag if you’re taking it on a plane. Always gate-check your rollator.

      Happy travels!

  16. I just found your site and I had been eyeing these 2 rollators but have not made the plunge. I had purchased a Norwegian rollator on Amazon like 10 years ago called Active Access and it also was not your traditional rollator but now it is no longer available.

    1. I have the Rollz performance. It’s great but it isn’t the best rollator. Don’t get me wrong it is very good, better than most. If you need a transport chair too, definitely go for it. It’s great for travel if you have a companion that can push.

      But if you only need the walker, or something a little more day to day and light, I’d lean ByAcre. However, I must qualify that with the fact I’ve never used the ByAcre but I’m about to buy the Overland version.

  17. I found your blog completely by accident, link on “Balls to MS”, and looked at this post because I’ve been using 2 poles since Nov 2019 but haven’t felt safe for a couple of years. My neuro-physio had suggested a walker but, really? Old woman I am not! I saw your ByAcre and was smitten. But indecisive – which size did I need? After yet another fall, this time into slow moving traffic, I took the plunge and this week bought a nice wide one in red, untried but in hope, and within half an hour of unboxing I felt relief, more confident and more me than I have since my legs decided to do their own thing. This rollator is a gorgeous game-changer and I’d say to anyone, upgrade your mobility support before you think you need to, don’t struggle along with sticks and stay home through fear and pain. With hindsight the regular frame would have been ample big enough but I love the extra 2″ on the wide seat. Thank you, Ardra, for your frank and head on discussion and comment on the things we need to hear but can’t talk about with non-MSers, and for show casing your fabulous rollators :0)

    1. Well, this message made my day. I’m so glad you love your new device and that you have new found freedom and safety! Thanks so much for this thoughtful note.

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