Category: MS can eff with your identity.

The Pros And Cons of Coming Out With MS

Are you open about your MS or MS your sick little secret? We're talking about the pros and cons of coming out with MS.
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How To Make A Person With MS Feel Useless

It's confusing because I use mobility aids. You should probably talk louder and slower.
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Are You Guilty Of The Wrong Attitude About MS?

Micro-agressions are disses disguised as compliments.
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How To Improve Mobility Aid Stigma With A Hashtag

  Spoiler: It’s not #blessed My mobility aid epiphany didn’t happen overnight; there was no aha moment when I was suddenly okay with multiple sclerosis
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The Last Time MS Was My Sick Little Secret

I knew they wanted to ask: "Do you need an ambulance, or are you just drunk?"
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Sorry. Dating Me Doesn’t Make You A Good Person

Some seem to think only a hero would date someone with MS–someone like me. Dating is hard. Dating with MS is harder.
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How To Be A Hypocrite: MS Edition

The morning after a wild night out, I did what any proper party girl would, and sifted through the 4 million photos and selfies I’d
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Do You Hate Feeling Like A Billboard For MS?

I recently received a tweet from @megannenicole suggesting I write about “ways ppl with MS (or chronic cond) can manage their symptoms without being a
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Why It’s Time To Stop Asking, So What Do You Do?

So, what do you do, is a question that belongs to a society where value is intrinsically linked to work.
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